Working harness to induce the elevation of the withers and to develop the back muscles

Working principle

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All tension on the main reins is communicated through the secondary reins - figure 1 - exerting an upwards and backwards tension at the action point - figure 2 - (Cervical vertebrae 4-5-6).


Note : the following figures represent the skeleton of a horse and not the external profile.


Through a reaction of evasion, the horse upwardly avoids the hindrance provoked by the throat piece by straightening the base of its neck and raising its withers (Dorsal vertebrae 1 to 8), this COMES FROM THE HORSE HIMSELF AND IS NOT A RESULT OF ANY COERCION. To raise the withers, the pivot of the neck base, the horse makes himself taller by straightening its forelegs and raising the chest - figure 3.

Walking Trotting

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