Working harness to induce the elevation of the withers and to develop the back muscles

Working principle


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Great calmness at work proceeding from :
* the re-establishment of a powerful locomotion due to the restoration of back activity ; balanced due to the change in gradient, reducing the swinging and shocks of the riders weight, with calm and ample respiratory rhythm.
* the absence of undue contractions (stiffness).

This calmness induces responsiveness and goodwill, as well as the disappearance of the majority of resistances, (in particular throwing back the head). Without coercion, the ALLIANCE BACK LIFT does not provoke any undesirable effects. The horse remains in control of its fine head and neck adjustments, tension tuner of its vertebral column, hence of its balance and the freedom of its biomechanical movement. The effort is spontaneous without any constraint.
The utmost security is assured by the constant ability of the reins to run through and forwards the commands of the alliance. -
figure 1.

Nota : A "BODY BUILDER" version exists for lounge or free work - figure 8.

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