Working harness to induce the elevation of the withers and to develop the back muscles

In Practice

The working part of the harness is this throat piece which rests on the base of the neck. Upward movements of the hands have the effect of "titilating" the horse in the throat region. At the lounge, the Alliance Back Lift works a little bit like a chambon, but without hurting the horses mouth. Additionally, the horse now has the tendency to not only lower its head but also to lift its withers.

The Alliance Back Lift is a body buidling system for horses which has many advantages due to the fact that it does not put pressure on the horse's mouth. It is due to an extremely recent invention of Michel Raffit. The Inventor of this new body building system.

New body-building harness
Who has not dreamed of a device that allows you to body-build your horse without damaging its mouth or moral ? A body-building system that allows you without coercion to work your horse when mounted and when not mounted, without provoking resistance.

Michel Raffit, an instructor in the parisian region, has just invented this dream harness. The system is called the "Alliance Back Lift". It rests on a piece of leather that presses on the horse's throat, and as a result the withers is elevated and neck stretched and curved.

No action whatsoever on the mouth

1) When lounging
The horse does not need to wear a bit as the harness is not linked to the mouth. The active part of the Back Lift, the "Alliance", is positioned at the base of the neck. A system of fine ropes attached to the top of the girth goes through the alliance rings, then up through the ring at head level and back down between the forelegs to the girth. Once the horse is active, the throat piece presses onto the throat as soon as he raises his head. When he lowers and curves his neck, the throat piece relaxes. The Back Lift works on the base of the neck and not the mouth. As a consequence : the horse does not learn to pull downwards when the reins are tightened, and he does not resist against the bit by stretching his tongue or grinding his teeth. Nevertheless, it works much better...Its back is raised, the head is held lower, the neck curved and the gait becomes slow and regular. This harness won us over with its non constraining aspect.

Working with loose reins

2) When mounted
The first part of the reins, going from the bit to the rings are adjustable. It is here that we may decide whether to work more with the throat piece with loose reins, or on the contrary, by putting a light tension on the mouth. The leather straps attached to the saddle go through the rings at the throat piece and then to a sliding ring whose freedom is limited by the reins ring, allowing the rider to tighten the throat piece when he raises his hands. The principle is simple : when you raise your hands, the throat piece is tight around the horse's neck and the reins become looser. Under this action, the horse yields, lowers and curves his neck and raises his back. You must lower your hands to release the throat piece. Very quickly, the horse will begin to work with long slow strides and a gathered posture. The rider sees the neck muscles swell and feels the horse stand taller. When necessary, a simple horizontal pull on the reins gives efficient contact and will stop the horse.

After a progressive start : there are no drawbacks to the use of this harness. Whether working on the flat or over jumps, whether trotting or galloping there are no particular limitations on the type of work nor the length of time. The Alliance Back Lift encourages the horse to take up and to maintain a powerful locomotion, a slow pace, balanced and regular, which develop its muscle tone in a good way by using the largest and most efficient muscles : the back muscles.

By not acting on the mouth, the Alliance Back Lift is truly an ANTI - REIN SYSTEM Over the jumps, many top class riders ( amongst which are the top riders of the CSIO) have already adopted it. It is used at the ENE in Saumur, by the "Garde Républicaine" and is recommended by veterinary surgeons, osteopaths and farriers.

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