Working harness to induce the elevation of the withers and to develop the back muscles

Working principle


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Like man, the horse generally leans forward (economic locomotion) by tipping its body in front of its centre of gravity (gradient) - figure 6AAs this "gradient" becomes horizontal the horse is to DYNAMICALLY PROPULSED through the use of its muscles - .figure 6B This "powerful" locomotion (which is perfectly natural but seldom used) calls for the pushing forward of the back, the extension of the pelvis and the use of additional motricity from the forelegs (4 x 4 propulsion).

The forelegs, the radius of movement now increased, are stretched further forward.
Their stride, now longer, is consequently slower.
The neck steadies, so as to offer efficient resistance to the pull of the shoulder muscles -
figure 3(A and B).
The hind legs, brought forward and flexed, are stretched further forward in an identical manner to the forelegs.
The pelvic thrusts lengthen the time of oscillation of the limbs, leading to SLOWER STRIDES: characteristics of powerful locomotion.

The back muscles, the driving force of the pelvis, alternatively contract and extend without external interferences (mutual comfort).

Vertically straightened by the bending of its back, the horse is able to drive forward using its four limbs more equally (uprightness, power and motricity)

The greater forward extension of the limbs draws the four feet laterally closer ( tending to the same track). The resulting instability is favourable to speed and to manoeuvrability.

When jumping, the horse approaches :
- taller, therefore lighter at the front ; the shoulders lift up further.

- the back and pelvis, flexed, extend with more power: flight and coverture ( a longer trajectory without a need for greater speed).

- the hindlegs, bent and gathered, also extend with greater power: easier for the hind quarters to pass over the fence.

The possibility of shortening the strides is "available" permanently (horizontal locomotion and action of the hindlegs further forward).

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