Working harness to induce the elevation of the withers and to develop the back muscles

Working Principle


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The straightening of the neck pushes the nape forwards, and flexes it (Cervical vertebrae 1-2-3), bringing the ears vertical with the mouth. - figure 4.

The superior profile of the neck curves upwards and its inferior profile, in the form of an inverted U (and not an inverted V) - figure 1, open the windpipe and free the parotides.

The back is pushed backwards and flexes the small of the back and pelvis -
figure 4. 

The haunches (pelvis - thigh joint) are moved forward and lower (the rear fetlocks coming towards the centre).

The straightened fore legs, raise the front part.

The hind legs, bent and forwarded, lower the hind part.
The rest gradient is straightened horizontally (large wheel infront - small wheel behind) - figure 6B. All the upper line line, from the ears to the tail, curves upwards. Braced like a bow, it places and holds the rider at the centre of its oscillation. The rider is supported as in a "chaise porteur" and not as in a wheelbarrow.

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