Working harness to induce the elevation of the withers and to develop the back muscles

Directions for use - "BODY BUILDER" VERSION (Lounge Work) -

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Place head piece over the ears, the larger strap on the front of the horse (1). Place the chest strap between front legs and around the girth (2). Take the front working strap out of its buckle and let it hang loosely under the throat (3). Adjust, very tightly, the fitting straps to the central upper ring of the girth (or crossed over, if you have side rings only) and tighten the girth (4).


Replace the working strap into its buckle (5) and adjust it progressively, at trot and canter, until you obtain the required withers elevation (steady neck tensed forward and bent, nose line vertical) and the slow pace movement that comes with it. At the walk, the upper part of the neck must be extended under the withers level. Slow down the pace as much as possible (except at the walk), watch only for holding the gait.

Nota 1 : If the horse drops its head too low to the ground, ignore it, this will not last.
If the horse overbends its neck, loosen working strap (and/or fitting straps) and slow down the pace.
If the horse stays hollow, head up, tighten working strap (and/or fitting straps) and slow down the pace.

Nota 2 : Some horses, which are very stiff or insensitive may resist (head back and up and quick short strides) the "Body Builder" whose action is very light (no coercion). In this case join the inside ring of the bit to the inside string of the working strap with a snap hook for the first 10 minutes of each session or during the whole of the early sessions.
Slow down the pace (except at the walk), holding the same gait.

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